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This was originally published on the site SexWrecks.
My grandfather spanked me once when I was about six years old. He was upset because I scared him during a game of hide-and-seek. I crouched down in a hamper and, just after my grandparents called the police, I jumped out laughing and got a spanking. Then he hugged me and cried with me. I loved my grandfather and wanted to marry him. He died when I was seven.

The second time I was spanked was by my Dad when I was around nine. I don’t remember why he spanked me. I do remember that whatever I did scared him. So he spanked me because he was scared. Then he cried too because I told him I hated him. The next day we were going to see a judge so he could adopt me. My biological father left when I was a baby. I was supposed to tell the judge that I wanted my dad to adopt me. He was terrified that I was going to say I didn’t. But I did. Today I can say that I love my father as much as I loved my grandfather. I’m older and don’t want to get married to my father, but I love him just the same.

Those were the only two times I was spanked for punishment. Later I was spanked for other reasons. At first I didn’t want to get spanked. I am a proud feminist, womynist, humanist, or whatever fucking word they decide on next. Is it really that big a deal?

Barry, my second sex boyfriend, spanked me once and I told him never to do it again. Sex wasn’t good in high school so I didn’t like it. Barry also slapped me across the face once. He was stupid. And gay. Ha! He’ll deny it. But no straight man slaps a woman across the face–remember that, you gay wife beaters!

I contemplated spanking. One guy in high school spanked me and I liked it. But then again I liked everything he did. I liked that he had the balls to do it, also that he wanted to show me who was in charge.

Various one-night stands slapped my ass and I really can’t remember anything about those. I’m sure my reaction was the usual, “Oh, you like it rough . . . ” while the Bozo du jour labored over me, drunk and upset about the condom. Those memories remind me of the movie Angel, when she had a fat dude on top of her and this bored look on her face. Yeah that was me. I should have gotten paid.

Jed was into all manner of kink. So he spanked me a lot. The feeling was like no other. It was akin to getting my nipples licked and nibbled on, which made masses of cream in between my legs.

Getting spanked while having sex instantly creates this surprise that makes juices flow and the whole world goes round and round and up and down. In and out is much easier with a little spank. It’s not as sexy as it sounds. Actually it’s a little scary. First of all it hurts, stings. My ass ripples a little and I get a red spot. But the shock is what makes it so good. I get a little angry, hot, and embarrassed all at the same time.

Spanking also drives me to move faster. The natural lubrication it creates causes the in-and-out to flow much more easily. So my ass wobbles and I notice especially when the spanking is increased. This makes me self-conscious–the ass wobbling.

My ass is not tight. It’s round, soft, and fluffy. So when spanked it jiggles like Jello. I don’t know if that’s sexy. It feels weird. But I like it.

And third, I stop the in and out completely and just go back and fourth which helps me cum much faster. Spanking done during this increases the chances of multiple orgasms in less than five minutes. The result of all this is a very wet pussy, penis, and the surrounding areas.

Jed was very aware of the spanking and only did it from behind. I liked it but it was a little staged or rehearsed and usually followed with a “You like that don’t you? Yeah you like to get spanked.” He fucked me so hard I couldn’t get words out, I just managed a few mmmms and ah ah ah haaa . . . oooohhh shits.

Lingerie or little pleated skirts were also Jed’s thing. These spankings were more staged and I acted like I was in trouble. I’m not big on role-playing but somehow this was really fun. I get wet just thinking about it. It opened up a whole new world of degradation that I never thought I’d like. For instance I let him cum all over my face, on my chest or my ass. My friends really don’t understand why I let him do those things to me. I don’t really either, but I liked it. And still do.

Currently when I am spanked my partner is very unaware of it. Or maybe it just comes so naturally to him that it seems like he is unaware. It’s like he is spanking me for being so good. And he wants to hear it. I like to hear it and I gush with excitement from the sting. It sends shivers up my spine and tingles the top of my head. I ooze juice and my nipples get really hard.

The first time he did it I came instantly. The last time he did it I came instantly. It’s so good. It’s also so bad. Why should I get spanked? What did I do? Did I scare him? I should be a good feminist/womynist/humanist and stop this right now. But I love it too much. How could I go one more time without that little sting that makes my nipples hard, my clitoris red, my mouth involuntarily go aaaahh, and my vagina flood?

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    I love your site! Do you have an email where I can send you a message?


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    Jared J Says:

    that’s hot. I would love to spank you during sex. I honor you as an independent woman. it would be an honor.

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    I have to point out my gratitude for your generosity for people who should have help with this particular concept. Your special commitment to getting the solution all through ended up being surprisingly useful and has all the time empowered professionals like me to arrive at their pursuits. The warm and friendly guideline denotes this much to me and even more to my mates. Warm regards; from everyone of us.

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    You are unbelievably cool. Great writer, lovely, hilarious, hot person. Are you still doing escort work, or am I three years too late?

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    FJ Says:

    Wow! great writing. Love to hear this about you from your past. Not too long ago I was introduced to spanking someone. She loved it but I really found it erotic to know that it pleased her so much. That just turned me on. Great story. Keep them coming.

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