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One of my many marriage proposals on FaceBook

I get marriage proposals quite a bit on FB. It’s sweet but annoying. This is the latest…

As soon as I got the first part of this message I posted to my FB wall or whatever and said:

“I don’t mind adding you as a friend, but please stop proposing to me! I am not moving to another country just to marry someone I’ve never met. Tell me I’m hot or beautiful but don’t ask me to marry you.”

I posted it on the 9th if you want to look it up. Unfortunately, I cant figure out how to link it to this post. My post has 60 responses and 40 likes. It got really weird I suggest you read the comments.

The following is the message I received that prompted me to respond with the above post. He’s Indian and I’m not correcting his English. The first two lines were in the first message after which I posted the rebuttal.

The next paragraphs came yesterday. It’s not that weird I get tons of proposals from middle eastern men. Why would I go there to be part of a harem? Either way I block the proposers, which must break their hearts.

My suitor even commented on my FB post.

I think it’s funny and I so have a tendency to be cruel. Especially to people who don’t listen.

Read and enjoy….


Hi.. Alix i hv fallen in love with u at very first site. Heart feels great about you each moment would i propose you my valentine lady in this feb?

Hi.. Alix are u getting meΒ 

By the way i am ready to come your nation darling. If there we develop true love for each other.

Darling come close to me grab tightly in your arms. Where i do hold u softly in my arms to kisses your pure eyes alots. With promise i ll do this love from this day to end of life. Where we breath always in both’s love. You ll mine n i ll your today, tomorrow and always. Darling i love you alots.

Happy valentine day

Β I know darling your aim to be a porn star. But think for a pause about your love life why r u waisting it. feel your heart choose one as your husband whome u filfil all your desire with pure thoughts. You ll really feel proud of that. Plz don’t ruin your life. how beautiul you are. else i hv fallen in your love. I want to marry you. Knee down i m proposeing u on this romantic day..darling i Darling i love you..will u marry me? Reply me please.

9 Hot Responses to “One of my many marriage proposals on FaceBook”

  1. 1
    Abhishek Says:

    Thank you dear that, You have posted it on this site. It’s sweet proposal but heart feels pity at you. that you are really not so lucky or made for love. Remember love is something natural which is above all lust of life. But sorry, heartless and character like you girl can’t relaise the feelings and sweetness of true love. You should enjoy your earthly life here. But ‘HELL’ is also waiting you to welcome.
    finally i will suggest repent your sin if you have done and follow to God the almighty god will surelly forgive you.

    Best of luck.

    That Indian Guy who proposed this lady after knowing all about this lady.

  2. 2
    Frothy Afterbirth Says:

    Is that the Italian freak again?

  3. 3
    Chaz Says:

    : πŸ˜‰ oh Alix you’re an interesting person I’m glad you’ve return and introduce some amusing anecdotes it’s funny how some people become true romantics when seeing a pretty lady I do hope you come back sometime soon with some new pics well I gotta go it’s nice seeing you in the buff sort of to speak oh and I kinda like to see you in more b-movies possibly playing the killer woman everybody’s scared off. Oh yeah

  4. 4
    Mr. Wrong Says:

    Yeah, that guy’s a loser.


    if marriage is out of the question, how do you feel about shackin’ up…? 😈 πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, good to see you back on line and doing well, darlin’. You’re one of a kind, and I mean in that in a very good way. πŸ˜€

  5. 5
    Gil Says:

    Hey Alix I think that sucks when you get mushy letters like this one I mean used to been like a whiner and trust me it’s the most embarrassing situation one goes through every day well I hope you do go back to your old self again and also you still look good thanks for giving the fans a taste of you again sayonara miss Lakehurst.

  6. 6
    shirtless guy on a BMX Says:

    I cannot imagine asking a girl to fuck or marry me over email. Wouldn’t you want to do that in person? Gay.

  7. 7
    el chino piloto Says:

    at least 1 time it only takes 1 pearl

  8. 8
    el chino piloto Says:


  9. 9
    el chino piloto Says:


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