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Happy Monday

I’m trying to get back into the the gist of things so I can write about relevant topics that are both sexy and gossipy. It’s been pretty difficult. I was told to start tweeting by many people I think are important so I got a Twitter.

I started following a shitload of tweeters? twitterers? twats-yes. And I get so many asshole pictures-I mean real pics of girls’ assholes! I just wanted to see some pretty girls. However, I now know who bleaches and who doesn’t.

I follow a few twats of sites that have gossip I thought might be blog worthy. Unfortunately, I don’t care about any of it. Well wait I do care about the site’s obvious lack of literacy. One caught my eye that was about 19 celebrities with STD’s that you would have never known. The intro to this was this:

“Which celebrities are rumored, based on media reports, to have contracted STDs? Browse through the gallery to find out. We unfortunately can neither confirm nor decline any of these for certain. Wait, actually it’s best that we can’t confirm.”

That was an actual quote!

They can’t confirm or DECLINE? And it’s actually best that we can’t CONFIRM.

Did they not know the word deny? Why is this happening? I cry! Sobsobsob!

The majority of the gallery consists of celebrities that might have herpes. This info was gathered by going through their trash and finding some prescription bottles(?) paperwork(?) receipts(?) for anti herpes meds. Some were further “proved” that they had herpes because they once dated someone who also had the same prescription bottles(?) paperwork(?) receipts(?) in their trash.

Thank god the site can’t DECLINE such information. Wait…they can’t confirm it. Right? I still don’t understand. Maybe my vocabulary is old-fashioned. Eventually this blog will have to have an interpretation like my Hamlet book.

I remember looking herpes up once because I had a scare. I read that in the 60’s or 70’s herpes was almost cool to have. It was like a badge of honor. I understand because it’s not deadly, it’s treatable and very common. I still don’t want it and I got tested every which way and still do. I know I’m herpes free. But if some mofo decides to use my trash can instead of his and throws his herpes bottles into it at least I can DECLINE the rumors.

I guess I’ll just write about the sex I have, which is plenty. Or being naked. I’ll have to ignore the gossip cause it’s all written by stupid people who can DECLINE that they are stupid and can’t confirm that they are smart.


Sex with Jewish men is awesome. One gave me head the other day that blew my mind. I was stupid for a week. I didn’t even know he was Jewish until he told me three days later. I kept texting him and giggling and asking him what I should call him on my blog. His response was that he was trying to think of Jewish names like Dr Lowandsteed. I thought why Jewish names? Is it because I live in a Jewish neighborhood? Then I looked at his real last name and went OOOOHHH. I never paid attention to his last name before, I only call him by his first name. So shit he’s Jewish. Do I care? I thought for a moment. I had a few jew boyfriends during my senior year and wondered if it mattered then. It only did cause I went to a catholic high school and I wanted to convert to say fuck you to the Catholics and get the holidays off like Arnold in Different Strokes. But after a while I really didn’t and don’t care about a man’s jewdom or non jewdom.

It was amazing sex and rapturous head.  So yea to him! It’s really not because he’s Jewish but I’ve been hearing a lot of Jewish jokes lately and I want to set the record straight. It doesn’t matter! He just needs to know where to put his tongue and lick that clit hard and fast till my legs twitch and my vagina starts to pulse and then explode. Afterward, if I can’t walk its a good thing.

I don’t need gossip, religion or race just a good tongue and cock. I’ll be happy with that.

I’ll have new pics in a week or so. until then here’s me getting some oral.



8 Hot Responses to “Happy Monday”

  1. 1
    Average Joe Says:

    Owwww, oral sex in a tent???

  2. 2
    Dave Says:

    :smile: well alix looks like you’ve got some pics (looks old but still good) I’m glad you’re back and by the way sex is good remember that sex is good. Well I’ll take my leave so any horror flicks you’re gonna be in or just the porn stuff? Curious

  3. 3
    Dave Says:

    😆 oh by the way this is silly but you’ve been to some sites lately I mean before you used to talk about websites that turned you on…..Don’t know if you’re still doing that. It’s okay like I said curious.

  4. 4
    Donnie Says:

    Lol Alix, you said “Afterward, if I can walk its a good thing”, well if the head is given properly, and with passion, then you’d cum so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk for quite a while. :)

  5. 5
    Alix Says:

    You miss-read me. I did say “can’t” walk. It’s always a good this to stumble around after really good sex.

  6. 6
    Jeroen Says:

    Hello Alix, I’ve admired your petite shape for some time but I’ve discovered this blog site only today and I’m totally awe-struck. I love your writing, it’s honest and direct and I really admire it. I wish you all the best, you are completely beautiful.

  7. 7
    FJ Says:

    And that picture is how I want a woman to ride my face. But you’re right about stumbling a little is good. But I would want to wear you out to the point where you can’t walk. Or have sex till sun up.

  8. 8
    Dj Says:

    Please mistress let me be your minion

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