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Gram, the maid and the Kyoto

I’m posting this again since my birthday is coming up. I would love to spend it at the Kyoto with Gram, April and Justin but funds aren’t going my way.

I should be doing something similar to this soon so keep checking my site.


3 Hot Responses to “Gram, the maid and the Kyoto”

  1. 1
    Mac Says:

    😎 well happy early birthday Alix it seems kinda weird we like to do things right before our birthdays called it human nature but to me it’s always a crazy time to celebrating our birth but hey when in Rome I hope you come back with some great pics those last shots show you still got “soul” lady who knows maybe you might do the bangbros again and I think they’re be wanting you back again sometime soon.

  2. 2
    McSkyy Says:

    Gorgeous! Daring! Sexy!

    Love the public stuff – especially when someone as beautiful as you is doing it!

    Thanks Alix!

  3. 3
    Kamui Says:

    Welcome back, sorry im late to that 😆 but it is good to see you again..I wish you a very fun and great happy early birthday..hope you enjoy the day when it finally comes and i really hope you get to go to kyoto ^_^

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