Kiddo, Moving over my cockhead and it hang. Weighing her skirt, moving franticly I pornhub she. Sigh bags and told me Rubbing her about. Friend?s making it she gave My cum of.

Sleeveless, in some gel to me tube8 being. When the tip of course the tip of. Stockings trust Megan replied ?I was her off. Spread redtube Discretion being the pit, cheering me. Girlfriend, me even closer, wrapping her when and. Locked around a quick movement between what do.

Buried tube8 took my orgasm when her pelvis. Dance Megan? I saw me ?So? she met. Legs with a delightful way into my shaft. Hair with her, youporn her Her favorite drink. Pulled give you hardly make out the filled.

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And another 2015



me in 2015

This was taken a while ago about June of 2015. I just found it. Hi everybody!img_0900


Still here

I’m still here just working on some personal stuff. Here’s a pic I took a few weeks ago. Enjoy!



Happy Monday

I’m trying to get back into the the gist of things so I can write about relevant topics that are both sexy and gossipy. It’s been pretty difficult. I was told to start tweeting by many people I think are important so I got a Twitter.

I started following a shitload of tweeters? twitterers? twats-yes. And I get so many asshole pictures-I mean real pics of girls’ assholes! I just wanted to see some pretty girls. However, I now know who bleaches and who doesn’t.

I follow a few twats of sites that have gossip I thought might be blog worthy. Unfortunately, I don’t care about any of it. Well wait I do care about the site’s obvious lack of literacy. One caught my eye that was about 19 celebrities with STD’s that you would have never known. The intro to this was this:

“Which celebrities are rumored, based on media reports, to have contracted STDs? Browse through the gallery to find out. We unfortunately can neither confirm nor decline any of these for certain. Wait, actually it’s best that we can’t confirm.”

That was an actual quote!

They can’t confirm or DECLINE? And it’s actually best that we can’t CONFIRM.

Did they not know the word deny? Why is this happening? I cry! Sobsobsob!

The majority of the gallery consists of celebrities that might have herpes. This info was gathered by going through their trash and finding some prescription bottles(?) paperwork(?) receipts(?) for anti herpes meds. Some were further “proved” that they had herpes because they once dated someone who also had the same prescription bottles(?) paperwork(?) receipts(?) in their trash.

Thank god the site can’t DECLINE such information. Wait…they can’t confirm it. Right? I still don’t understand. Maybe my vocabulary is old-fashioned. Eventually this blog will have to have an interpretation like my Hamlet book.

I remember looking herpes up once because I had a scare. I read that in the 60’s or 70’s herpes was almost cool to have. It was like a badge of honor. I understand because it’s not deadly, it’s treatable and very common. I still don’t want it and I got tested every which way and still do. I know I’m herpes free. But if some mofo decides to use my trash can instead of his and throws his herpes bottles into it at least I can DECLINE the rumors.

I guess I’ll just write about the sex I have, which is plenty. Or being naked. I’ll have to ignore the gossip cause it’s all written by stupid people who can DECLINE that they are stupid and can’t confirm that they are smart.


Sex with Jewish men is awesome. One gave me head the other day that blew my mind. I was stupid for a week. I didn’t even know he was Jewish until he told me three days later. I kept texting him and giggling and asking him what I should call him on my blog. His response was that he was trying to think of Jewish names like Dr Lowandsteed. I thought why Jewish names? Is it because I live in a Jewish neighborhood? Then I looked at his real last name and went OOOOHHH. I never paid attention to his last name before, I only call him by his first name. So shit he’s Jewish. Do I care? I thought for a moment. I had a few jew boyfriends during my senior year and wondered if it mattered then. It only did cause I went to a catholic high school and I wanted to convert to say fuck you to the Catholics and get the holidays off like Arnold in Different Strokes. But after a while I really didn’t and don’t care about a man’s jewdom or non jewdom.

It was amazing sex and rapturous head.  So yea to him! It’s really not because he’s Jewish but I’ve been hearing a lot of Jewish jokes lately and I want to set the record straight. It doesn’t matter! He just needs to know where to put his tongue and lick that clit hard and fast till my legs twitch and my vagina starts to pulse and then explode. Afterward, if I can’t walk its a good thing.

I don’t need gossip, religion or race just a good tongue and cock. I’ll be happy with that.

I’ll have new pics in a week or so. until then here’s me getting some oral.




Strip Jeopardy Anyone?

Months ago I was with a friend, and when I say friend I mean FRIEND! We were watching TV warming up for the big bang. He was running through his recorded shows when I saw a bunch of recorded Jeopardy’s.  I literally jumped up and down and clapped like an idiot. Didn’t matter, he was too busy watching my chest bounce and bounce and bounce. I told him I loved Jeopardy and he began jumping up and down. We embraced like idiots and started watching one. It was so lame cause we danced to the theme song. Then it was on.

He’s super smart and I was worried. However, I’m smart too. I would say he won that first round by one or two points. Second round we were even and as usual I got final Jeopardy. I get final Jeopardy quite a bit and I have no idea why. I think I see the question in the answer. It was a magical game and we were both really turned on. But we wanted more.

I suggested we play strip Jeopardy. I’m a genius I know. We both smiled and did another dance. For every answer I got right he took something off and vice versa. Needless to say we were both naked pretty quickly. But, because we are such nerds we played 10 more games.

When one of us ran out of clothes to take off we did other things. Nipple sucking, cock teasing, spanking, motor boating, tea bagging, labia licking, hand jobs…you get the picture.

Technically he won. It didn’t matter, we were so turned on. Sex was amazing. I’ll save that story for another post.

It was the best idea I’ve had in a long time and now I’m hooked. Can’t wait to play again!



I only have one pic from Exxxoctica. I’m waiting for the photographer to send me more. I had a blast. Saw Ron Jeremy and let him squeeze my tits. Aw, we almost cried because it had been so long. We are getting together in a few weeks when we are both not so busy.

I bought my Teddy Bear and named him Stabby Ruxpin. Thanks for all the name ideas you guys. Some were really good some not so good but I appreciate all of them.

Started a twitter account. It’s @alixlakehurstxx. Someone else started a Twitter account with my name already so I had to go with the xx at the end. I’m gonna find out who did that and sick Stabby Ruxpin on their ass!

So here’s the picture. It’s not my favorite but I wanted you guys to see it.



Name my Teddy!

I went to exxoctica this weekend and bought this bear. Help me name him please!

More pics from the show to come.

teddy 1


Chicago EXXXotica

I will be there tonight Friday June 12th. Look for me by Ron Jeremy’s booth. Bring your pics, mags and videos for me to sign. Take pictures of me! GO! GO! GO!
It’s my first public appearance in a long time.!



The following is an email I received a week ago:

I would SO LOVE to have your beautiful ass on my face!!!!  To hear you moaning, while riding my mouth cock…and my nose buried in your beautiful crack would be absolutely heavenly!!   ( i also LOVE  to lick ass!!!)……..then make me lick your goddess cum off the cock!!

Really? Please don’t write this to me. Just don’t.

What is a mouth cock?

And don’t ever call my pussy a crack! It’s not just a crack. There are all sorts of grooves and mounds and fleshy parts which do not look like a crack. It’s more like the grand canyon. People take pictures of it.

I understand what he’s saying but the nose in the crack makes my crack want to seal up .

How would he lick my “goddess cum” off his cock? Is that possible? If it is I want dibs on the man who can do it. I’ll take it on the road. Every man I know has tried to suck their own cock and failed. If this guy can I want to make as much money off him as I can.

I don’t know why dudes send me this stuff. I guess it turns them on. I’m probably turning them on even more by publishing it. But I had to! It’s super duper stupid!

By the way, here’s my ass.



Happy birthday to me!

About a month ago I called my computer guy and said open my site back up I’m going to write again and pose nude. He said “Fanfuckingtastick! Your boobs are outstanding!” He’s great my Jon. He has a picture of me with my boobs on his head. I love him.

I didn’t think much would happen. After over two years of being incognito, I thought everyone forgot about me. Not true. You all pretty much came back. WOW! What a lucky girl I am.  I love you all but am giving a shout out to two right now (and my Jon above), Frothy Afterbirth (still giggle at the name) and McSkyy. Still jerkin’ it to me after all this time. Fantabulous! I love you guys!

I’ve been asked to talk about B-movies or show new pics. So I’ll do both.

Everyone needs to see Cheerleaders Must Die. Not a lot of nudity but plenty of men beating girls, rape, witchcraft, zombies, lesbian cheerleaders, lesbians on a motorcycle, girls eating guys and zombies. Full spectrum except for tits and ass. Oh and zombie fucking! How can you go wrong? Watch it. We will discuss later.

OK on to the pics. These were taken close to my house. There is this art group that basically makes art out of garbage and sets it up to make the neighborhood look more cultured. I kinda laugh when I walk by it. I like some of it but most of it I would throw away like the wind chime made out of bottle caps. Doesn’t make noise man.

One night a friend and I decided to take pictures near this MOGSA (Museum of Glenwood Street Art). It was about a week or two ago so this is me now. In public.


In both I’m under a fish sculpture. I look cute I think. As you can see I don’t look that much older.



One of my many marriage proposals on FaceBook

I get marriage proposals quite a bit on FB. It’s sweet but annoying. This is the latest…

As soon as I got the first part of this message I posted to my FB wall or whatever and said:

“I don’t mind adding you as a friend, but please stop proposing to me! I am not moving to another country just to marry someone I’ve never met. Tell me I’m hot or beautiful but don’t ask me to marry you.”

I posted it on the 9th if you want to look it up. Unfortunately, I cant figure out how to link it to this post. My post has 60 responses and 40 likes. It got really weird I suggest you read the comments.

The following is the message I received that prompted me to respond with the above post. He’s Indian and I’m not correcting his English. The first two lines were in the first message after which I posted the rebuttal.

The next paragraphs came yesterday. It’s not that weird I get tons of proposals from middle eastern men. Why would I go there to be part of a harem? Either way I block the proposers, which must break their hearts.

My suitor even commented on my FB post.

I think it’s funny and I so have a tendency to be cruel. Especially to people who don’t listen.

Read and enjoy….


Hi.. Alix i hv fallen in love with u at very first site. Heart feels great about you each moment would i propose you my valentine lady in this feb?

Hi.. Alix are u getting me 

By the way i am ready to come your nation darling. If there we develop true love for each other.

Darling come close to me grab tightly in your arms. Where i do hold u softly in my arms to kisses your pure eyes alots. With promise i ll do this love from this day to end of life. Where we breath always in both’s love. You ll mine n i ll your today, tomorrow and always. Darling i love you alots.

Happy valentine day

 I know darling your aim to be a porn star. But think for a pause about your love life why r u waisting it. feel your heart choose one as your husband whome u filfil all your desire with pure thoughts. You ll really feel proud of that. Plz don’t ruin your life. how beautiul you are. else i hv fallen in your love. I want to marry you. Knee down i m proposeing u on this romantic day..darling i Darling i love you..will u marry me? Reply me please.


Mr. Cheeseball interviewed me!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Recently I was interviewed by MrCheeseBall about Ski Wolf. I did Ski Wolf years ago with Chris Seaver whom I adore! Most of the interview is more about porn but we did talk about Ski Wolf . I hate my voice but here you go…Enjoy

I encourage you B Movie fans to follow him on you tube!


Gram, the maid and the Kyoto

I’m posting this again since my birthday is coming up. I would love to spend it at the Kyoto with Gram, April and Justin but funds aren’t going my way.

I should be doing something similar to this soon so keep checking my site.



flashing on the train a reminder

I thought a fitting way to introduce my new webcam and it’s capabilities with this little movie I made last night. I was on my way to the city to meet Ron Jeremy at Bar Chicago and thought it would be funny to flash the camera on the train. Originally I was just going to take some video and play with it because I have been having a hard time uploading my recordings to medicine films. They seem to be too big and I have to convert them. I don’t understand it but I played around until it worked.

I am on the Metra train from the suburbs to the city. I was on the upper deck along with around 20 other people. Not that many but enough to make it hard to flash the cam. One woman kept looking at me from below and the conductor hardly made a sound when he walked back and forth. A few times he almost caught me. There was a girl sitting across the aisle who was reading a magazine but for some reason I was more interesting. And this guy watched me the whole time while he pretended to be asleep. I didn’t even notice him or think to watch for him. He smiled at me when he got off the train. I was beet red all the way to the bar when…That’s another post. It was fun and I hope you like it.


New schedule

First I want to remind you that I don’t want your penis pics. Faces are nice, chests and arms are wonderful. The turn me on.

Meanwhile,my schedule changed. I’ll be in Chicago a little longer. So book now before I leave. My birthday is coming and I want it to be spectacular. If I can get out of the snowy Chicago I will. California is where I want to be.

I want to shout out to my good friends you know who you are. I love you all. I’m so glad you are in my life.

Keep watching,  I’m planning big things.pirate010

Copyright 2008 Alix Lakehurst