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And another 2015


5 Hot Responses to “And another 2015”

  1. 1
    Mike Says:

    Alix – you are hotter than the noon day sun, but as cute as a button too. Delighted that you are back and hope that you are surviving and thriving. X

  2. 2
    Jacob Says:

    Gorgeous as always.

  3. 3
    Craig Says:

    looking great as always!

  4. 4
    JonAwin Says:

    Looking absolutely fabulous with a smile that glows. Hope you’re doing well and thanks for posting again. Best wishes, Alix!

  5. 5
    Jon Graback Says:

    Hey Alix! I haven’t posted on here in years, but I just watched the Cubs win their first World Championship in 108 years, in a heart-stopping 8-7 win in 10 innings, in Game 7! And as I watched the big celebration outside Wrigley Field, I thought “Who do I know in Chicago? Ah, I know… Alix!” LOL! I don’t know if you’re a long-suffering Cubs fan, but congratulations anyway! Party hearty tonight – LOL! I hope you’re doing well, in your interesting and varied life. :smile: I’d love to see you post more on here, and let all us fans know what you’re up to these days! :smile:

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