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And another 2015


me in 2015

This was taken a while ago about June of 2015. I just found it. Hi everybody!


Still here

I’m still here just working on some personal stuff. Here’s a pic I took a few weeks ago. Enjoy!


Happy Monday

I’m trying to get back into the the gist of things so I can write about relevant topics that are both sexy and gossipy. It’s been pretty difficult. I was told to start tweeting by many people I think are important so I got a Twitter. I started following a shitload of tweeters? twitterers? twats-yes. […]


Strip Jeopardy Anyone?

Months ago I was with a friend, and when I say friend I mean FRIEND! We were watching TV warming up for the big bang. He was running through his recorded shows when I saw a bunch of recorded Jeopardy’s.  I literally jumped up and down and clapped like an idiot. Didn’t matter, he was […]



I only have one pic from Exxxoctica. I’m waiting for the photographer to send me more. I had a blast. Saw Ron Jeremy and let him squeeze my tits. Aw, we almost cried because it had been so long. We are getting together in a few weeks when we are both not so busy. I […]


Name my Teddy!

I went to exxoctica this weekend and bought this bear. Help me name him please! More pics from the show to come.


Chicago EXXXotica

I will be there tonight Friday June 12th. Look for me by Ron Jeremy’s booth. Bring your pics, mags and videos for me to sign. Take pictures of me! GO! GO! GO! It’s my first public appearance in a long time.!



The following is an email I received a week ago: I would SO LOVE to have your beautiful ass on my face!!!!  To hear you moaning, while riding my mouth cock…and my nose buried in your beautiful crack would be absolutely heavenly!!   ( i also LOVE  to lick ass!!!)……..then make me lick your goddess cum […]


Happy birthday to me!

About a month ago I called my computer guy and said open my site back up I’m going to write again and pose nude. He said “Fanfuckingtastick! Your boobs are outstanding!” He’s great my Jon. He has a picture of me with my boobs on his head. I love him. I didn’t think much would […]


One of my many marriage proposals on FaceBook

I get marriage proposals quite a bit on FB. It’s sweet but annoying. This is the latest… As soon as I got the first part of this message I posted to my FB wall or whatever and said: “I don’t mind adding you as a friend, but please stop proposing to me! I am not […]


Mr. Cheeseball interviewed me!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Recently I was interviewed by MrCheeseBall about Ski Wolf. I did Ski Wolf years ago with Chris Seaver whom I adore! Most of the interview is more about porn but we did talk about Ski Wolf . I hate my voice but here you go…Enjoy I encourage you B Movie fans […]


Gram, the maid and the Kyoto

I’m posting this again since my birthday is coming up. I would love to spend it at the Kyoto with Gram, April and Justin but funds aren’t going my way. I should be doing something similar to this soon so keep checking my site. Enjoy…


flashing on the train a reminder

I thought a fitting way to introduce my new webcam and it’s capabilities with this little movie I made last night. I was on my way to the city to meet Ron Jeremy at Bar Chicago and thought it would be funny to flash the camera on the train. Originally I was just going to […]


New schedule

First I want to remind you that I don’t want your penis pics. Faces are nice, chests and arms are wonderful. The turn me on. Meanwhile,my schedule changed. I’ll be in Chicago a little longer. So book now before I leave. My birthday is coming and I want it to be spectacular. If I can […]

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